Famous Celebrity Mug Shots

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Just to prove we are all human, here are some funny famous celebrity mug shots. Even famous people get into trouble from time to time.
Anna Nicole Smith
 Arrested for DWI in 1989
Andy Dick
-Arrested for groping and unwanted touching of two victims genitals (Isn’t this picture creepy!)
Shia LaBeouf
Charged with Misdemenor Criminal Trespassing after refusing to leave a Walgreens
Frank Sinatra
Charged with Adultery and Seduction
James Brown
Charged with Domestic Violence
Nick Nolte
Arrested for being under the influence of drugs
Haley Joel Osmen
Arrested for Driving under the Influence and Marijuana Possession
 Dog the Bounty Hunter
Charged with Murder when he and another Gang Member went to buy drugs and the other gang member killed the drug dealer. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison and since he has a felony conviction he is not allowed to carry a firearm.
 Vince Vaughn
Arrested for fighting in public
 Marilyn Monre
Arrested for driving to slow, not having a valid drivers license and failure to appear in court
Jane Fonda
Arrested for Smuggling unidentified pills and disturbing the peace. The pills were later identified as vitamins.

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