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Unleashing My Inner Super Hero on The Set of Captain America 2

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*During the #IronMan3Event I received airfare, hotel accommodations, and other activities during the event. All opinions expressed are my own.

There are moments that you will have in your life that will stick out amongst all others. Being able to visit the set of Captain America 2: The Winter Solider was definitely one of those moments for me. I had never been on a movie set before so I was in complete and utter awe the whole time. Being able to visit the set and get a behind the scenes look at the movie would have been enough but the amazing folks at Disney went above and beyond when they gave us all a chance to get our hands in on the action…literally!

Captain America Shield

A lot of things go on behind the scenes when it comes to making movies and there are many people responsible for making a movie as incredible as it is. For Captain America 2, one of these very important people is the Prop Master, Russell Bobbitt. He is the one that comes up with the design and actually makes some of the most important pieces to the movie, including the shield that Captain America carries.

On the Set of Captain America 2 The Winter Solider

So let’s talk shield, shall we!

Russell had quite a bit to say when it came to the shield and how exactly he came up with the design and how he would make it. For instance did you know that in Captain America 2 the shield will have four different looks because he goes into different scenarios and different missions. Captain America will also apply different Marvel materials that help make the shield stealth in different situations.

But in this movie be prepared for a couple surprises with the shield. It’s going to appear that there are different shields, but it’s only one shield. So how many shields have to actually be made for the film? Here’s what Russell had to say, “I have to make 50 of them to accommodate all the different. Their is a hard rubber, soft rubber, fiberglass, metal to depending on if there’s an insert on it I use a metal one ‘cause it looks the best”.


I really loved being able to interview Russell about the props and what all goes into making some of the most important parts of the Captain America movie. After talking with Russell I got a chance to hold one of the actually shields from Captain America 2. It is the hard rubber one and YES it’s the real shield that Chris Evans will be holding in the movie.

Captain America Set

Captain America 2: The Winter Solider will hit theaters April 4th, 2014 so be sure to mark your calendars. I’ll be sharing some more exciting stuff with you about my set visit in March so be sure to check back for that. In the meantime you can get all the Captain America 2: The Winter Solider news on Facebook at and Twitter


  1. You look like you had an amazing time!

  2. That shield is bigger than you! Such a neat photo though!

  3. That’s totally cool that you got to hold a real prop from the movie, not just a replica.

  4. What a neat opportunity to use this as a prop

  5. This is SOO awesome!

  6. That is incredible that you got to experience that. ~IamJealous~

  7. I knew they made multiple props of the same for different scenes but whoa 50 shields is a lot!

  8. I love this picture of you.

  9. What a cool experience, I think it would be so cool to be on the set of a real movie.

  10. My husband would absolutely love to have been on the set of Captain America and to just touch that shield. He is the biggest CA fan!

  11. Sounds like a really fun time!! How neat to get to be their, hold the shield, and such!!! How fun!! Thanks for sharing :-)!

  12. That’s awesome – I can imagine how fun that must of been to be on a movie set! = )

  13. How COOL! We went on a Marvel binge this week and watched The Avengers and Captain America, and my son *loves* superheroes now, Captain America in particular. There are worse superheroes to idolize. :)

  14. How fun! I would love to have been able to hold the shield, what an amazing opportunity.

  15. omgosh what a fabulous experience. I really LOVE Captain America thanks for the inside scoop

  16. That sounds like such a fun experience! How cool that there are four different looks- can’t wait to see them!

  17. This looks so cool! I’m getting so excited about seeing it with all of the press and cool photos I’ve been seeing. You’re so lucky to have been able to experience it in person. :)

  18. How cool is that! You got to hold the shield!

  19. Wow super jealous of all twenty five of you. I would kill to hold that shield. lol.

  20. We were watching the Superbowl commercials earlier for this movie…. can’t wait to actually watch it in person!

  21. That would be so fun to be on a movie set, very exciting opportunity!

  22. This is a great picture of you. You look great holding the shield.

  23. Being a prop designer must me a super intense yet fun job. I’m sure it’s amazing to see your work and creations appear in big time films!

  24. We love Captain America in my house! Cant’ wait until the movie comes out!

  25. Several others have said it but that’s a great picture of you!


  1. Unleashing My Inner Super Hero on The Set of Captain America 2

    *During the #IronMan3Event I received airfare, hotel accommodations, and other activities during the

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