The Great Wolf Lodge Family Vacation Review…Part 2

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If you missed Part 1 of our Great Wolf Lodge Family Vacation you can catch up HERE and learn about how amazing the rooms are! Today I am going to show you all of the fun activities at The Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. The Lodge has something to offer everyone, it is an excellent place to take your family regardless of the age of your kids. My family and I stayed for 2 days and while we were able to do almost everything we would have loved to be able to stay 2 more!

great wolf lodge family vacation-great wolf lodge review

Check-In Time at Great Wolf Lodge

Check-in time is normally 4:00pm but you can get your wrist band and start swimming at 1:00pm on the day of your arrival. You can also stay till close on the day of check-out. The Lodge has a locker room and showers down in the swimming area where you can take your things and change into dry clothes. Life Jackets are provided and they come in different sizes. There is no need to bring your own towels either because they provide as many as you need at the pool.

great wolf lodge family-resort in Kansas City

The water park inside was amazing. I knew the kids would have fun because you really can’t go wrong with water parks and kids but I never expected to have as much fun as I did. The video below is of the huge bucket at Fort Mackenzie that dumps on top of the people below every five minutes.

great wolf lodge resort in Kansas City

The Kiddie Pool

The kiddie pool is perfect for kids Aubrey’s age, she is two and full of energy. This pool is about ankle deep in the shallow end and waist deep in the deepest. The kiddie pool has a really fun area with tons of water going everywhere. This is Aubrey getting dunked by a little bucket of water…she LOVED it!

The Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City

Before we left I bought Jeremy a pair of googles and he spent a good amount of time just swimming around in the kiddie pool. It’s not too deep but deep enough for little ones to swim around in.

great wolf lodge family-fun for families

The Slides

The slides in the kiddie pool were a huge hit! Between the two kids they must have gone down the slides 100 different times.

great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort

It was great to be able to sit in the pool with my husband and enjoy each other’s company while still be able to be right there with the was great.

great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort

There are two separate hot tubs in the waterpark also. One is for families and the other is adults only. The one in the above picture is the family hot tub which we used several times during our stay. I really liked the fact that it did not have all of the foamy bubbles that most hot tubs have…gross!  The picture below is the adults only hot tub. I never had a chance to use this one..there is always next time.

great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort

The large pool has 4 basketball goals, a floating snake and a netted rope that you can climb across. Aubrey really enjoyed the snake

great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort

In addition to the two slides in the kiddie pool there are two slides in the tree house and three more tube riding slides that are so much fun. You do have to climb about 2 flights of stairs but it is so worth it. Two of the slides empty into the wave pool. Below is a picture of where the tubes come out. The green slide is actually outside. It winds around the side of the hotel and is so much fun. You can’t really tell your outside other than the slight temperature change.

MagiQuest at The Great Wolf Lodge

There is so much to do at The Lodge while your not swimming and we tried to take advantage of as much of the activities as possible. The first night we took advantage of the Magiquest game and bought my son a wand to get started. Magiquest is an interactive scavenger hunt type game that is fun for pretty much any age. The wand will cost you around $14.99 and up and the game is $9.99. Now it does seem really pricey but I thought it was well worth the money considering it is something we played everyday. The wand is reusable so on your next visit you would only need to purchase the game again. Here are some of the pictures of Jeremy and I playing Magiquest.
great wolf lodge magiquest game
magiquest at great wolf lodge
great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort
great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort

And my son’s proudest moment when he finished the game! It took us about 4-5 hours to completely finish and that was after we spent the first day not really playing it right… they gave us a book and we didn’t read it at first, my suggestion is to READ THE BOOK!

great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort

The Great Wolf Lodge Family Arcade

The last night we spent about an hour in the Northern Lights arcade. It was packed full of all the best arcade games for both the little ones and bigger kids. We spent $20 and it lasted all five of us an hour. The prizes are pretty pricey as far as tickets but the kids each got what they wanted.

great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort

The Character Meet and Greets

At the end of the day be sure to go to your room and put on your PJ’s because every night at 8:00pm is story time by the clock tower. All of the kids gather around and watch the final clock tower show followed by a story by one of the staff members. The kids even got to meet Violet the Wolf.

The Hotel also offers a adult spa and Scoops Kids Spa which looked really relaxing and fun but we just didn’t have time this trip. The is also a  snack bar in the waterpark that is very reasonably priced. In the lobby you can visit the Bear Paw Cafe for delicious cheese cake and fresh made star bucks.

great wolf lodge, great wolf, the great wolf lodge, great wolf lodge resort

We did get the chance to eat dinner in the Camp Critter Bar and Grille the first night we were there. The staff were great and the food was delicious and not overly priced. I loved the theme in the restaurant, it was like you were in the woods camping.

We had a fantastic time and the resort and now consider ourselves apart of the Great Wolf Lodge family. We can’t wait to go back. They have several locations throughout the US and I would really like to see The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX during their winter snowland! I found a note that my 6 year old son had written at some point on our vacation and it pretty much sums up what our family thinks about our trip!

great wolf lodge resort in kansas city

If your interested in more information about The Great Wolf Lodge including locations, activites and prices you can check out their website HERE.

Disclosure: This is a non-paid post and all opinions expressed are honest and from my personal experience. I did pay for my room, but I did receive a media rate for both nights.

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