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Best Sleep Ever with the Sleep Number DualTemp Layer #SleepNumber #DualTemp

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary DualTemp Layer in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.

When they say that opposites attract, they aren’t lying! I’ve been married to my husband for over 13 years and while I love him to pieces there are several things that we just don’t agree on. For instance I am the type of person who gets cold very easily and he is the type that is hot all the time. When it comes to personal comfort, there have been a few arguments over our bedroom temperature throughout the years.  A few weeks ago Sleep Number asked me if I would like to review their DualTemp Layer and of course I said yes. I’ll try anything that makes both a happy husband and a happy wife.

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Before our DualTemp Layer arrived my husband and I (along with the kids) headed to our local Sleep Number store to see first hand how this amazing product works. If you have never been to a Sleep Number store, you have got to go! You can test out their newest mattresses, pillows, bedding and of course the DualTemp Layer with no obligation to buy. The Sleep Number folks will even test you out to see what your personal Sleep Number is.  My number is a 30 just in case you were wondering.

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The DualTemp Layer is a temperature balancing layer with ActiveAir technology that can be added to any bed. The ActiveAir Technology heats or cools each side of the layer and allows you to select what temperature level you would like with just the push of a button. The temperature of the air, whether it’s hot or cold is evenly distributed throughout the layer so you can have head to toe comfort.

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The DualTemp Layer is delivered right to your door. Everything comes inside one large box and its easy enough for one person to handle. In fact I was so excited to set the DualTemp Layer up that I did everything by myself in under 20 minutes. The layers each come with their own smaller box which contains a remote, batteries and  fan.

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The layer itself is just few inches thick and just lays on top of your mattress. There are two tubes at the top each connecting to their own fan. The fan makes a slight buzzing sound but it’s very minimal. In fact after the first night, I don’t even notice it anymore.

sleep number mattress

As you can probably notice from the picture above we don’t own a Sleep Number Mattress (that’s on the Christmas wish list). That’s no problem though, when it comes to the DualTemp Layer because it will fit on top of any mattress. We actually have a pretty large king size bed and it fits snuggly over the top. I will also mention that the layer stays put during the night. My husband tosses and turns all night long and I was a little worried  whether it would slide off the bed, but it doesn’t.

best sleep ever

Each side of the layer is controlled by a remote. When you set up the layer you can program the remote for the specific person who will be sleeping on that side. Programing is easy and you can recognize who’s remote is who’s by the name on the front. The great thing about these remotes is that it remembers what you had the setting on the last time you slept. So as soon as you turn it on, it automatically goes back to that temperature.sleep number

There is also a timer on the remote which automatically turns off the layer. The timer ranges from 1-9 hours and shuts off automatically after 10 hours.  I use this setting often because I like to set my layer on the warmest setting but I don’t want to get too hot while I sleep, so I just set the timer for 1 hour and I’m good to go. Before having the DualTemp Layer my husband would get so hot at night that he would wake up drenched in sweat, even with a fan blowing directly on him. After sleeping on the layer for the past 2 weeks he hasn’t noticed any perspiration at all because he stays cool throughout the night.

dualtemp layer reviews

We have had the DualTemp Layer for a little over two weeks now and I can honestly say that I don’t think I have slept this good in years. When I get into bed my side is nice and warm and my husband’s is cool and cozy. No more bedroom arguments about who’s cold and who’s hot because we are able to adjust our own individual sides to fit our comfort level. In addition to the temperature the layer adds just enough extra comfort to feel like I am sleeping on a different mattress. It’s really soft and reminds me of sleeping on a marshmallow cloud.

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 My kids also LOVE the Dual Layer and in fact they spend a lot more time on my bed reading their books, watching TV and snuggling with me and my husband. The only downfall is I have a hard time keeping my bed made with everyone wanting to take a turn laying on it.

If your looking for a one-of-a kind product that will help you prevent those bedroom arguments you definitely have to check into the DualTemp Layer from Sleep Number. For a list of stores near you, you can visit Sleep Number online  for more information. Also follow along on these Social Media platforms for great savings and sales announcements throughout the year.


Sleep Number AirFit Adjustable Pillow Review

I never really knew what a good night’s sleep was until I experienced my first night on the sleep number pillow I received a couple of years ago. The pillow is amazing and one that my husband and I argue over who gets to sleep with it every night. Luckily Sleep Number has come out with the AirFit Adjustable Pillow and I got the chance to experience a whole new level of good sleep.

Our exclusive Sleep Number® AirFitTM Adjustable Pillow combines the support and comfort of air with adjustability, to provide the most personalized sleep experience possible. You can adjust the AirFitTM Pillow based on your individual sleeping position, size and shape. The AirFitTM Pillow can change with you as your sleep needs change. European White Goose Down surrounds the air chamber for the ultimate luxury. Resilient down clusters for exceptionally high loft and improved support for maximum comfort. Hypoallergenic down is free of dust and allergy-causing impurities. Extra-soft 300-thread-count 100% Egyptian cotton cover. Easy to use – pillow self-inflates with the twist of a dial! Note: This pillow provides a firmer/more supportive sleeping experience than a traditional down pillow

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The Sleep Number AirFit Adjustable Pillow is not just your ordinary pillow because you are in control of exactly how firm or soft you would like your pillow to be. By adjusting the dial on the side and laying down on the pillow you determine what your comfort needs are. There are several different styles of AirFit Pillows including the European Goose Down Pillow (which I received), the CoolFit Foam and the Memory Fiber. These are all amazing choices but I decided that the Goose White Down was the best fit for my sleep needs. The problem that I had with Pillows before was that they seemed like they were soft enough when I would purchase them in the store but once I got home and slept on them for a few nights they would flatten out or just not work right with the way I slept. That is just not the case the the AirFit Adjustable Pillow because when you turn the dial and lay down the air inside releases until it’s at the perfect firmness level that suits you.

sleep number, my pillow, sleep better, lack of sleep

 The Valve is on the side of the pillow so it’s really easy to access but when you are done adjusting your pillow, you just pull the flap over and you don’t even know it’s there. The first night that I slept on the pillow, I wasn’t really sure how much firmness I wanted so I left the valve open to allow the pillow to conform to my head and body. That worked great because I slept like a baby the next couple of nights. I didn’t want to give the pillow up, but I thought it was only fair to let my hubby try it out for himself. He laid on the pillow with the valve open and then closed it when he reached the firmness he wanted. Again he slept great and loved the idea of having a pillow you can actually adjust to fit your needs.

sleep number, my pillow, sleep better, lack of sleep

I am in love with my new pillow and after sleeping with it I seriously doubt I will ever be able to sleep on a normal pillow again. There is something amazing about being able to adjust the pillow whenever I want. I am the type of person who changes the way I sleep especially when the seasons change or when I’m not feeling well. Just in time for Father’s Day Sleep Number is running a great sale where you can purchase the Sleep Number AirFit Adjustable Pillows for 30% off  before June 20th, 2012. If your looking to upgrade mattresses make sure you check out the Sleep Number Summer Sleep Sale and save even more on mattresses and pillows. This sale does end on June 21st so make sure you visit them soon.

Buy It: You can purchase the Sleep Number AirFit Adjustable Pillow with European White Goose Down  for $229. Order before 6/20 and pay $160.99.

Disclosure: I received the above product from Sleep Number in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are based on my own experience.

Sleep Number Perfect Pillow Review

I will never forget the day my husband and I bought our first king size bed with mattress. We had been sleeping on a full size bed that I had owned since I was a teenager. It was incredibly soft and both of us slept like babies that first night. At the time I never really paid much attention to anything other than the mattress itself and just bought the cheapest pillow that was at the store because “a pillow is just a pillow, right?” Well I couldn’t have been further from the truth. After 10 years of buying cheap pillows that only last a few months I have probably wasted spent thousands of dollars. After experiencing a Sleep Number Pillow I will never go back.

Sleep Number is a sleep leader with unprecedented commitment to personalized comfort with the knowledge to bring you the perfect pillow. The pillow is perfect because you chose what’s right for you. We all know everyone’s taste is different, so with the perfect pillow you select your own preferences based on whether you like a softer pillow or a more firm one.

I knew that Sleep number made mattresses that were fit for a person’s individual taste but I had no idea that they made pillows, let alone ones you could fully customize. I had never “made” a pillow before so I had no idea which type I wanted to go with. Once I got on the create you own pillow page it went through step by step showing me which styles and sizes were available.

I knew that I wanted something soft, so by looking at the options available I was able to customize my perfect pillow. First it asked me which size I preferred and I chose King. The next selection is the Outer Comfort Shell. You can choose between Down, Down Alternative, Memory Foam or Silver and I choose Down. The next step is the Inner Comfort Shell and again your choices are: Down. Down Alternative, Silver, Memory Foam, Memory Foam Couture or Feather and I chose Down. The next step is the Protector and your choices are In balance, Cotton or Silver. I chose to go with the In Balance.

After I placed my order it took less than a week to arrive in a HUGE box on my front step. I was really excited to see how my perfect pillow, that I had just made felt. When I took it out of the box it was in the 3 separate layers which was no problem putting together. I like the fact that you can separate these individual pieces if you need or want to.

So they final test came as I laid the pillow on my bed and placed my head down. It was like I melted into a white fluffy cloud. Seriously, I never knew that a pillow could feel so amazing. It is worth every penny and I love my pillow so much that I am planning on purchasing another one for my husband, otherwise he will be trying to take mine every night!

I also really liked the fact that these pillows came with care instructions on how to pro-long the life of your new pillow. You can also rest knowing that Sleep Number backs there pillows with a 5-Year limited Warranty. I love my new Sleep Number Pillow and it truly is the PERFECT pillow!

Disclosure: This is a non-paid post and honest opinions were used. All opinions expressed are based on my own experience and may differ from yours. Thanks to the company and/or pr agency for providing me with the products to review and giveaway. By Entering this contest you will be signed up to receive the Sleep Number newsletter receiving special deals and offers. Sleep number takes your privacy seriously and will never sell your information.