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Family Game Night With KFC #HowDoYouKFC

Having dinner with my family is a very important part of our day. This is the time where we are all able to talk about our day and really focus on one another. America’s favorite fried chicken chain, KFC wants to help take your family dinner to the next level with their new interactive menu item, The KFC Game Night Bucket featuring I SPY.

KFC Game Night

The new KFC’s Game Night Bucket is now available and includes a free I SPY game and bonus I SPY posters to allow families to enjoy time together over dinner.  Yesterday my family and I wanted to see what this KFC Game Night Bucket was all about so I headed to my local KFC and loaded up.

KFC Family Game Night Bucket

The KFC Game Night Bucket includes 12 of KFC’s famous Extra Crispy™ Tenders, four dipping sauces, four biscuits, two large side items and a free I SPY game, right on the bucket, for you to play during dinner! If you have a larger family you can get the 20 Extra Crispy Tenders for only a few bucks more.  You can choose the two sides that your family loves the most, we always get the classics..mashed potatoes & Gravy and Mac & Cheese.

KFC Meals

Of course, I knew my family would love the chicken..we always do! But the game took our dinner time to a whole new level and it was great to laugh around the dinner table and enjoy a fun family friendly game together. In fact I think by introducing this game we extended dinner time by about 20 minutes which is a pretty big deal.

If you are looking for a fun and delicious  alternative to dinner check out the new KFC Game Night Buckets with your family.

What are your favorite Sides from KFC?

*I received KFC Gift Cards in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Do You Have What it Takes? The KFC GrillMaster Challenge Giveaway #KFCGrillMaster

KFC knows that the summertime weather brings out all the best of the best of Grill Masters. In honor of those moms and dads who slave over a hot grill to bring their family and friends the perfect summertime meal, KFC is recognizing their outstanding grill master skills with the 2013 GrillMaster Challenge.

grillmaster giveaway

The KFC GrillMaster Challenge Kicked off June 14th and will run through June 27th so there is still plenty of time to get your submissions in. There are three (3) ways to submit your entry and enter the Contest. To enter via Twitter and submit your video/photo, you must use the #KGCChallenge hashtag in your tweet. To enter via Vine and submit your video, you must use the #KGCChallenge hashtag in your post.  To enter via Instagram and submit your photo or video, you must use the #KGCChallenge hashtag in your entry. Submissions that you can submit include showing off your grill set-up, sharing tips on how to grill the right way, your special techniques or the end result of your grilling.

grillmaster contest

Five lucky winners who prove to have smoking hot skills behind the grill will enjoy a catered Kentucky Fried Chicken family picnic and be inducted into the KFC GrillMaster Hall of Fame. In addition 5 expert grillers will win the ultimate Accessory Kit which includes a personalized apron barbecue tools worthy of a grillmaster. Complete rules on the contest can be found here.

KFC Grilled Chicken

Of course for those of us who like to think we are Master Grillers but aren’t really, KFC is having some great summer specials on their Kentucky grilled chicken. To learn about these specials and more be sure to visit


How would you like to have your 4th of July or other summer event catered by KFC! Enter below to win $50 in KFC Checks.

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*KFC Provided the checks as part of the giveaway.

KFC Lil’ Bucket’s Kids Meals (Giveaway)


* I received KFC checks in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of those places that I grew up loving. As a kid it would be such a treat when my mom would bring home a bucket full of extra crispy and original recipe chicken. My favorite, like most kids was the drumsticks. Now that I am a mom I love hearing my kids excitement when I bring home a bucket of KFC chicken. This past March KFC introduced the new Lil’ Bucket Kids Meals that’s sized just for their littlest fans.

KFC little buckets

 These KFC kids meals are packed in a kid-friendly version of the iconic KFC bucket but with a little more fun. Each bucket is outfitted with interactive activities for kids and parents.


Kids can pick what comes inside their bucket with a variety of choices. Choose which kind of chicken you want, 1 home-style side, drink and as an extra bonus each bucket comes with a GoGo SqueeZ applesauce on the go. My daughter Aubrey choose to get a Extra Crispy drumstick, a side of green beans and a CapriSun.


I think these lil’ buckets are great for picnics too! My family and I often go to the park during the summer and taking a sandwich and chips can get boring. These lil’ buckets have everything you need and they are convenient too.

Now through April 30 families can enter for a chance to win the KFC Ultimate Playground Experience Sweepstakes by scanning the QR Code on the Li’l Bucket or visiting The KFC Ultimate Playground Experience Sweepstakes is full of good fun with prizes like funds for catering from KFC and an appearance from the GoGo squeeZ Mobile Playground. There are activities for all ages like a rock climbing wall, interactive media zone, slide, craft table to make upcycled crafts from GoGo squeeZ pouches and much more. For official rules and details, visit

Win It: One lucky reader is going to win $25 worth of KFC Checks!

To Enter: Follow the instructions below using Rafflecopter.
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5 Things I Love About the New KFC Original Chicken Bites #SoGood

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of KFC Chicken, have been and always will be! One of my favorite things to order from the menu is their Original Recipe Chicken Legs with a side of mac and cheese and a biscuit, Oh just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Well what if I told you, that you could now order original recipe chicken but in a bite sized chunk, pretty awesome huh? KFC is now offering their signature original recipe chicken condensed into a bite-sized chicken chunk perfect for not only us grown ups but kids are going to love them as well.

 kfc chicken, kfc menu kfc, original chicken bites

Last week it was brutally hot outside and I had no desire to stand in the hot kitchen and cook so my kids and I loaded up and headed out to KFC to try out these new Original Chicken Bites. To say that my family and I loved these little chunky bites of goodness is an understatement. Here are my 5 favorite things about the new Original Chicken Bites.

1. They are bite-sized
Have a little one I can really appreciate being able to feed her something that she can actual eat on her own. Her hands are little and these are perfect for her size not to mention my size.

2. Portable and Perfect of on the go
As much as I would love to say that my family and I sit down for our meals every night, this just doesn’t happen. We are a busy family and and on the go so being able to grab something quick through the drive-thru and my kids being able to eat it without spilling ketchup all over the seat is a major plus.

3. Bigger than a normal “nugget”
These bite sized KFC Chicken Bites are

4. Hand-Breaded with KFC’s Signature Original 11 Herb and Spice Blend
The have all of the delicious taste of that KFC Original Recipe Chicken Leg, Breast, Thigh, or Wing all in one big bite.

5. My Whole Family Loves them
I’ve got two picky eaters and they devoured the chicken bites, this is always a good sign.

kfc chicken, kfc menu kfc

Now as much as I love the Chicken Bites I still ordered many of my favorites including the mac and cheese and Original Recipe Chicken Legs. I know many of you will be out and about over the next few weeks doing school shopping, if your looking for something quick, easy and yummy to eat check out these new Chicken Bites, they are finger-lickin good!

Growing Up and Getting Out Contest

KFC and Comedy Central launched the “Growing Up and Getting Out” original content web series and contest this week. Aimed at the millennial “Basement Generation,” the series—featuring top Comedy Central talent and written and produced exclusively for KFC—celebrates the grown-up taste of KFC’s new Original Recipe Bites, which just hit KFC menus on July 9.

Fact: According to Pew Research, one in four Millennials have moved home in the recession but for almost half of the 18 to 24 year-olds who are still living at their parents’ house, the economy did not drive them back. In fact, many would have never moved out in the first place.

To give this “Basement Generation” the push they need to set out on their own, highlights of the “Growing Up and Getting Out” original digital series and contest include:

  1. Original Digital Series: The series which launched this week revolves around Michael, who is adjusting to moving back home with his parents. Each week, the series will capture the drama, tensions and funny moments between at-home Millennials and their parents. The cast includes comedians Michael Palascak, Dave Koechner (The Office, Anchorman),  Mo Collins (Madtv), Alexis Knapp (Project X) and The League’s Steve Rannazissi as the series host.
  2. Contest: Five quintessential members of the “Basement Generation” can enter to win the ultimate motivation for moving out of their parents’ house – one year of free rent (up to $12,000). Until August 19, visit to submit a story and photo that captures the humorous side of living at home. Entrants can then rally friends and family to help spread the word through their social networks and vote for the entry. Submissions will be based on humor, originality, creativity and fan enthusiasm.

*I was provided with KFC checks in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Vote for your Favorite So Good So Sweet Moment and Win Prizes #sogoodsosweet

I just wanted to send a friendly reminder to vote for your favorite So Good So Sweet Moment. For every vote that you give you earn extra entries to win some amazing prizes! I have been reading through all of the stories this past week and they are all so touching and super sweet and I’m sure all of the bloggers would love to get one of your votes. I also entered my So Good So Sweet Moment and If you haven’t had a chance yet I would love for you to read it and pass one of those votes my way. Thanks and Good Luck!

My So Good So Sweet Moment. Plus Win Great Prizes With KFC #sogoodsosweet

From a very young age I knew that I couldn’t wait to be a mommy. Like many little girls I dreamt of having the fairy tale wedding with prince charming and then living happily every after with lot’s of little mini me’s. I first met my husband Jeremy in middle school. We ended up going to different high schools but by chance we met up again in 10th grade. After this we were inseparable, we were the storybook high school sweethearts. After we both graduated school we couldn’t wait to start our lives together so we got married at 19. It wasn’t quite the fairy tale wedding that I had imagined but honestly it was perfect and I couldn’t have been happier.

After we got back from the honeymoon Jeremy and I settled into our new life together. He worked full time at an auto body shop and I worked part time while I went to nursing school. We knew we wanted to start a family together but we wanted to enjoy our time together as a couple before we had kids. We decided that we would start trying after I got out of school and we were more financially ready. This 4 years of our lives was amazing and we were both so excited when it was finally time to start our family. I had been working for about 6 months as a nurse at the hospital when I found out I was pregnant. Both Jeremy and I were thrilled to be starting this new chapter in our lives but this excitement would soon be overshadowed with pain and disapointment. After 14 weeks we lost the baby. It was devastating. After the second miscarriage my doctor decided to run a few tests on my to see if something was wrong. He was amazing! After finding out that I had a condition that put me at risk for pre-term labor and miscarriages, my Dr. decided that we hold off on trying again until we could figure out a plan.

Little did I know that I was already pregnant again with baby #3. I wanted to be excited but I had my guard up, I knew what my chances were to carry this baby. The first 12 weeks seemed like forever. I would wake up thinking OK, is today the day I will miscarry. It’s depressing to think but it was reality. Slowly but surely 18 weeks came, and then 23 and then 30 weeks. I couldn’t believe it, but I was a wreck the whole pregnancy. I started having pre-term labor at 23 weeks and was hospitalized several times so they could stop the contractions. On May 29th 2004 I was 35 weeks and 6/7 days pregnant. I went to sleep just like normal but at 5:30am on May 30th I woke up to the loud sound of a POP. It was surreal and I jumped out of bed from a dead sleep. My water had broke and I was 36 weeks. Everything was in slow motion as we frantically got everything together and rushed to the hospital. My Dr. delivered a healthy baby boy by c-section on May 30th at 9:30am. Everything I had always dreamt of finally came true, as they handed me my little baby boy. He was a miracle from God and as soon as I laid eyes on him I was in love. I could have won the lottery that day but it wouldn’t have compared to that sweet moment of holding my baby boy for the first time.

My little miracle is now almost 8 years old and I thank God for him everyday. Jeremy (my husband) and I were blessed with a second child in 2008 our baby girl Aubrey. She was a total surprise! My pregnancy with Aubrey had a few complications but overall everything went great and at 37 1/2 weeks I delivered a healthy baby girl. Sometimes life can throw you challenges in life that you didn’t expect but with the help and support from family and friends it’s the sweet moments in life that make living feel so good.

Thanks for letting me share with you my So Good So Sweet Moment. If you liked it, and I hope you did, please take a minute to vote for my story at You can also win one of five great prizes, such as chef services, house cleaning, Flip Video UltraHDcamera and more from KFC! You can vote once per day!

Celebrate the little things! For a limited time, get a free Double Chocolate Chip Cake with the purchase of a 10-piece meal or larger at KFC.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of KFC. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Sweepstakes Rules

My Trip to the KFC Headquarters and what I learned (Plus a Giveaway!) #KFCFresh

blogger trip

Last week 15 bloggers including myself got the pleasure of going to Louisville, Kentucky to take a behind the scenes look at Kentucky Fried Chicken at their Headquarters. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from my trip to the KFC Headquarters but I will tell you it was an eye opening experience and one that I will never forget. The one thing that I was surprised to find out was that Kentucky Fried Chicken is fresh and never frozen! That’s right, the chicken that you buy at KFC is hand breaded and cooked right there in the restaurant.

I know that a lot of people, including myself, just assumed that because KFC is considered “Fast Food” that all of their chicken was breaded somewhere in a factory, frozen and then shipped to their restaurants throughout the world. This is not true at all. KFC restaurants get their chicken from companies that are local enough to deliver the chickens fresh straight to the store. In fact they get the chickens delivered fresh a couple of times a week.

KFC Headquarters

Even though I was only in Louisville for 1 day I learned so much about KFC, the legacy of Colonel Sanders and how the company works. It’s amazing what all goes on behind the scenes that many people don’t know about. For instance, at the KFC headquarters they have a special room set up where people of the community can come in, test out different food products and give their opinions. This is just one of the ways that they determine whether they put something on the menu or not.

KFC also does a lot to give back to the community by giving away 75 scholarships every year as well as reuniting families. Colonel Sanders himself was a very generous man and known to give to others less fortunate than him. Knowing what it was like to struggle, he once picked up a hitchhiker and drove him to his destination which just so happened to be the local college. When he dropped off the young man he went straight to the admissions office and paid for his tuition in full. How amazing is that?!

I was also touched to hear about how KFC brought a military mom and her family together in one of their restaurants and gave them an extra special surprise. It was such a touching story that brought tears to many of us. You can watch the video about the reunion below but I warn you, it’s a tear jerker!

Our first night in Louisville was fantastic! Everyone had the chance to meet up for dinner with all of the other bloggers as well as some of the PR team members from KFC. After dinner we all headed back to our rooms for a good nights sleep before our big day. The hotel was absolutely amazing and if given the chance I think I could have slept in that bed all day, it was so comfortable. The next morning everyone headed down to the lobby for a delicious breakfast and we got the chance to chat before we headed to the buses for our first stop, which happened to be a local KFC restaurant.
When we got off the bus there were several people waiting for us including a camera crew and photographer to capture all of the days events. It was a little awkward at first but everyone was so friendly and it was actually great to have someone help take pictures so we could really focus on our trip. At the restaurant we were able to tour the kitchen (hairnets included) and get a behind the scenes look at how KFC makes their chicken. It’s actually a more complicated process than I first expected and a lot of attention and detail goes into making that perfect piece of chicken.

KFC Headquarters
Our next stop was the YUM headquarters which includes Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell. Here we got the chance to meet with some of the people that make up KFC, take a tour of the Colonel Sanders museum, meet KFC’s head chef (which is a super nice guy!), get a chance to crack the secret code to the vault that holds the secret recipe, and even get the chance to make our own original recipe chicken.


I had an amazing time at the KFC headquarters and learned so much. Knowing that there bone-in chicken is fresh and never frozen and the fact that they hand bread in the restaurant makes me more of a fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken than I already was. Here are a few fun facts that I learned while I was there.

  • Most Chickens raised for KFC suppliers are raised by family farmers in a few chicken houses on their farm. KFC suppliers do not use growth hormones on poultry.
  • KFC Bone-in Chicken is pressure cooked for 18 minutes to give it that delicious crispy outside but juicy and tender on the inside.
  • There are only 2 people that know that know the secret recipe to KFC original Chicken. It is so secret that the mix is made up at 3 different locations.

KFC has a lot of fun things planned for 2012 including the release of recipe book written Colonel Sanders that was just recently discovered. Also be on the lookout for the Chunky Chicken Pot Pies in your local restaurant, we got the chance to have one of these at the headquarters and it was so good that I bought another one as soon as I got back to Oklahoma. For more information on KFC be sure to visit them online. Below is a short video that highlights our trip.

Disclosure: As a participant of the KFC Blogger Tour accommodations, meals, transportation and other gift items were provided. All opinions expressed are strictly my own personal opinion and not influenced in any way.