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Now this is going to probably show how old I am but I can remember coming home from school everyday and one of the first things I would do was turn the TV on and watch Reading Rainbow. One of my favorite episodes ( and I can’t believe I can remember this) was the the episode where Levar Burton was in a hat store and every time he would put a hat on it would transform him into that character. I was mesmerized by this show and at the time didn’t even realize how much I was learning just by watching it. Recently I was asked to check out the new Reading Rainbow iPad App with my daughter Aubrey. The app is amazing and designed for children ages 3 to 9.

The Reading Rainbow iPad app stars LeVar Burton and features hundreds of books, games and videos. The library of books is customized to each child’s age and interests. In addition to the stories children can take video field trips that connect the stories that they are reading to the world they live in. LeVar Burton is featured throughout the app. Kids can journey with LeVar to visit fascinating people and places, he also introduces the themes and stories.

The app includes a virtual backpack so your child can pick out their favorite books and easily find them in their backpack. Aubrey really loved this feature and being able to design the backpack to look just they way she wanted. Their are hundreds of award winning books for your child to choose from and the audio storytelling features celebrity actors and interactive illustrations that bring the book alive while always maintain the integrity of the original book. The library is expanded often adding more new release books.

There are different themed worlds of Reading that children can travel to and explore.These themed islands  include Action Adventures & Magical Tales, My Friends, My Family, Animal Kingdom, and Genius Academy. You can select books, videos and more from each of these islands.

Aubrey absolutely LOVES the Reading Rainbow app for the iPad. We downloaded it last week and she has asked to play with the game everyday since we got it. She has always loved reading so for her to be able to sift through a variety of books and pick the ones she likes is great. I still read to Aubrey everyday but it’s nice to have an app like this that can entertain her while she learns at the same time. So far we have only got the free version but the book selection is limited so we are definitely going to upgrade to the monthly subscription.

The Reading Rainbow app is available to download for free on the iPad. If you enjoy the free version, their is also a subscription service that is available for $9.99 per month or $49.99 “introductory” one-year subscription. The paid versions offer unlimited access to the Reading Rainbow library, all of the video field trips with LeVar Burton, interaction with the stories and play book based activities, reward stickers and more. The introductory price is available from now until August 30th, 2012.

*I received a free download and product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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