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Binky, Bo-Bo, Chewy. These are just a few of the nick-names that I have heard parents call their babies pacifier. Our home has definitely seen it’s fair share of “Binky’s”, as we like to call them. Both of my kids loved their pacifiers from a very early age. In fact, we never left our house without one. But it couldn’t be just any pacifier. Nope. It had to be a NUK®. My kids were very particular in the type of pacifier they liked. And there was no fooling them. They may have not been able to talk, but they could sure tell the difference between a NUK and a generic brand.


As a mom, I was happy to give my kids NUK® pacifiers. These were the only pacifiers that seemed to fit naturally with their growing mouths. And that’s probably why my kids loved them so much. NUK® has always been a brand that parents could trust, but now ever more than ever. Because for the first time in 55 years, NUK® is changing all nipples to now feature the most advanced nipple that naturally fits baby’s mouth for healthy oral development!

The New NUK® Features and Benefits

  • True orthodontic shape nipple – naturally fits in baby’s mouth
  • Integrated channels – less palate pressure
  • Scoop nipple cavity – maximizes tongue movement
  • Same heart-shaped shield – prevents irritation
  • Thin neck – less jaw pressure
  • Made in the USA
  • BPA free

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Printable NUK Pacifier Coupons

There is a lot more to a pacifier than just a rubber nipple. Visit Walmart.com to find the perfect pacifier for your baby.While you’re there test your knowledge and take the Pacifier ABC Quiz. After you take the quiz you will receive a $1 off coupon!

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