Meet One of America’s Farm Families #AmericasFarmers

This post was created in partnership with America’s Farmers. All opinions are my own.

Growing up in Oklahoma, I am no stranger to farm life. Even though I live in a pretty “big” city I am only a short drive away from many different farms in the area. Each year my family and I visited many farms together to pick up fruit, veggies and sometimes even nuts. It’s something we look forward to each spring and I hope that we can continue to do this for many years to come. Growing up so close to farm life and having visited many places over the years I have grown to really appreciate America’s Farmers and what they do for our families. Without them we wouldn’t be able to buy fresh produce and other farm raised products.


The Matthews family is just one of many America’s Farm families. I read through many farm families stories and was really touched by theirs. Through tragedy they were able to come together a family and turn their heartache into a family business.


Travis Matthews unfortunately began farming under tragic circumstances. Travis and his brother, Hoss, took over the family farm operation when they were just high schoolers, after their father was killed in an accident. Since then, Travis married his childhood sweetheart, Melinda. Today, Travis and Melinda raise their four children – Grant, Avery, Hudson and Emelia – on their farm in western Missouri. The family raises mostly corn and soybeans on about 8000 acres. They love what they do and appreciate raising a family on the farm.

The Matthews family is just one of many farm families across America. There stories are all inspiring and shows you a side that you may not expect from a farm family. To learn more about these amazing families you can visit to learn more.


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    I love farmers. LOVE farmers. They do such a huge service to society. Please realize, though, that this post is not sponsored by farmers. It is not designed to promote farming.

    America’s Farmers is a cleverly designed PR campaign to promote Monsanto’s genetically engineered seeds that grow by spraying them the round up – a pesticide that is highly toxic to humans and causes birth defects, infertility or any number of health issues. Furthermore, their corn actually produces pesticide in every individual kernel. This is effective at controlling pests – if they bite the corn plant, they die. Sadly it is also killing odd bees and butterflies since the toxin in the corn does not distinguish between good and bad bugs – or humans for that matter. The pesticide is present in every bite of the corn when we eat it, too!

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