Love life in Spain

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If you’re longing to travel abroad and are looking for somewhere that offers you the chance to jump in and immerse your family in a truly memorable lifestyle, then Spain is the place to visit!
The variety of cultures, food and the beautiful countryside make it a destination well worth adding to any list of places people need to visit and here’s why.

A natural beauty
From the imposing and stirring mountains in the north of the country to the gentle rolling sweep of countryside that gives way to soft and warm Mediterranean beaches, everything about Spain encourages visitors to relax and slow down. This allows families to move at their own pace and discover its charms and attractions as they want.
Spain is famous for its wonderful Mediterranean coastline and its promise of clear blue waters and ultimate relaxing possibilities mean discovering what it feels like to really relax and switch off is very easy.

A proud nation
If, however, you want to see what Spain is really like then the Spanish regions each offer different blends of proud cultural heritage tucked neatly alongside modern life. Families feeling adventurous or who want to experience something truly different as part of their holiday should tap into the rich cultural vein of Spanish life.
The Basque region in the north is a perfect example of how similar (and different) the regions can be, proudly maintaining its own language and maritime heritage alongside the striking Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

A diverse palate
For a true foodie adventure, paella made with fresh ingredients and regional flair shouldn’t be missed. The same exhilarating mix of living history and an active city life can be found in Barcelona where the beautiful Sagrada Familia dominates the skyline. With construction on the church not due to be complete until 2026, nearly 150 years after it was started, it is somewhere well worth exploring.

A charming atmosphere
However, for something far more personal and intimate, the intricate flamenco dances and guitar performances in Andalucia bring down all barriers between the audience and the performers. The grace and skill on display, and the child friendly attitude of Mediterranean café life, means everyone can enjoy a great night out without having to worry about tomorrow.
To choose your Spanish experience take a look at Thomas Cook summer holidays to see the wide range of Spanish summer holidays on offer and pick a destination that matches your expectation of somewhere not to miss.


  1. I bet Spain is a beautiful place to visit. On my bucket list!

  2. I’ve hard it’s absolutely gorgeous and a must see place! I have it on my bucketlist!! :)

  3. I would so love to visit Spain one day!

  4. We were in Spain in 2010 we went to Cadiz and Barcelona – truly beautiful places to visit.

  5. Spain is one place that I’d love to visit someday. It is culturally rich and beautiful. :)

  6. I would totally love to go to Spain someday!

  7. I LOVE Barcelona…the food, the atmosphere, everything!

  8. I love Spanish cuisine, so I’m in :D

  9. I would love to visit Spain some day.


  1. < strong>Love life in Spain

    *This is a partnered Post. If you’re longing to travel abroad and are looking for somewhere that offers

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