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Some of My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials Featured During the Big Game

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Did you happen to catch the big game on Sunday? I know, it wasn’t that great of a game but to be honest with you I wasn’t really watching it for the football. To me the Super Bowl means great commercials and that’s one of the reasons I watch it each and every year. This year I had a few favorites that included Captain America, The Muppets and Need for Speed…Did you happen to catch those as well? If not don’t worry I’ve got them for you below. Enjoy my picks for some of the best Super Bowl Commercials.

disney movies 2014

Marvel Studios leveraged America’s favorite sporting event to debut the world premiere of the new full-length trailer in an unprecedented cross platform partnership with Fox and Marvel. Fox broadcaster Joe Buck introduced the special look to the Big Game spot, which directed viewers to for a complete CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER takeover and the brand new full-length trailer. The :30 second Big Game spot included music from the National Anthem and aired surrounding the team captains introduction and the National Anthem performance. Oh and did I mention CHRIS EVANS!!! Captain America: The Winter Solider will open in theaters April 4th, 2014.

My next favorite featured the all new Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted which will hit theaters March 21st, 2014!

And last but certainly not least was the trailer for the highly anticipated movie, DreamWorks Pictures’ NEED FOR SPEED which will drive into theaters March 14th.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial from the big game?


  1. The Puppy Love one was my favorite! There were several really good ones, though!

  2. We are DEFINITELY most excited about the Captain America movie — it looks like it will be so good!

  3. I actually didn’t watch any of the game so I think the only commercial I caught in passing was a Coca-Cola ad. I did watch half time and Bruno Mars though!

  4. Wow, Winter Soldier looks action packed! I’m really curious to see what made Black Widow tear up…

  5. I guess it was the Budweiser commercial with the puppy and horse. I am a sucker for cute pups!

  6. Kim Henrichs says:

    Aaron Paul!! :) I loved the new Coke one that everyone is up in arms about, and the Doberchihuaua one.

  7. The VW commercial with the Engineers getting their wings was great.

  8. I really liked the Budweiser commercial with the precious puppy!

  9. I missed the puppy but I loved the Budweiser (with the solider) and the Doritos time machine.

  10. I didn’t even watch for the commercials, can you believe that?

  11. Confession: I didn’t watch it. We don’t have TV. The internet has become our TV provider.

  12. I loved the Muppets spot – so excited to see Tina Fey! I also really liked the Cheerios commercial with the dad telling the little girl they were going to have a baby and she talked him into a puppy. :)

  13. love the NEED for spEED preview i can’t wait to catch that one

  14. My fave was when Colbert spit his head open like a pistachio!

  15. I love the muppets and the radio shack commercial.

  16. All of the Disney commercials of course!

  17. Captain America loos awesome! I need to talk my husband into letting me go se it! :)

  18. The SuperBowl was so boring to where I didn’t stick around to watch any of the commercials.

  19. The Need for Speed one made me a bit sad for a moment when I saw it, but I bet it is going to be an awesome movie.

  20. I haven’t watched any yet. I was waiting to hear the hype about the best ones and really didn’t end up hearing anything.

  21. I loved the Muppets commercial.


  1. Some of My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials Featured During the Big Game

    Did you happen to catch the big game on Sunday? I know, it wasn’t that great of a game but to be

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