Check Out Sweetie Pie’s Bakery & Deli in Sand Springs, OK

Last month before Aubrey went in for her surgery, I asked her what she wanted me to bring her while she was in the hospital. Without any hesitation her answer was pretty simple…Chocolate Covered Strawberries. I knew that she wouldn’t feel much like eating but I wanted to make sure as soon as she asked I had those strawberries ready for her! Luckily my mom called a local bakery called Sweetie Pie’s in Sand Springs and found out that they make these delicious chocolate treats so she ordered up a few for Aubrey. When my mom went to pick them up not only did they pack the container full of these beautiful and HUGE strawberries but they would not accept any money from my mom. They knew how much Aubrey wanted these Strawberries so they decided that would be their treat to her. You should have seen the look on her face when my mom brought in that huge box full of Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Right away she wanted one and seeing her enjoy herself was priceless.

Sweetie Pie’s Bakery & Deli is located at 29 E. Broadway Street in Sand Springs, OK. They serve a wide variety of delicious homemade items that include their famous Cinnamon Rolls, muffins, sausage rolls, cupcakes, fresh bread, sandwiches and much more! I am blown away at the generosity and kindness that was shown to Aubrey¬†by the amazing folks at Sweetie Pie’s. This restaurant is a newly established business and I hope that you will stop by and show your support. Please let them know Fun Saving Money sent you. A BIG Thank you to Sweetie Pie’s!!!! You all hold a special place in my heart and you have a life-long customer from me and my family.

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