A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers Delivered Straight from the Side of A Volcano

Receiving a bouquet of flowers on your doorstep is something that will bring a smile to almost anyone’s face. There is something truly magical about flowers. You will notice flowers at nearly every milestone in a person’s life. For instance when a baby is born the new mom’s room is adorned with flowers, on your wedding day flowers play a pivotal role and even when you leave this world flowers are there to comfort your loved ones as they close that chapter of your life. And for these moments not just any bouquet of flowers will do. What if I told you that you could order beautiful and unique flowers from the side of an active volcano?  The Bouqs Company does just that with fresh flowers grown with heart.

bouquet of flowers

Ordering a bouquet of flowers from The Bouqs Company is super easy. You simply browse the wide selection of flowers and choose which ones are your favorite and which size you would like. You can choose between original, deluxe and grand. If you are wondering how big each size is I will tell you that the bouquet of flowers that I received is the original. Next you select the date you would like your flowers delivered and the address. Last but not least you pay for your flowers. There are no hidden costs like and extra for this and an extra for that. When you check out you know exactly what your Bouq is going to cost.
bouquet of flowers

Once you’ve ordered your bouquet of flowers will arrive on your doorstep in as little as one day! I ordered the Desperado rose bouquet which consisted of 12 long stem pink roses and pink accented flowers. The roses are absolutely beautiful and they just so happened to arrive on my 14th wedding anniversary which made my day extra special.

bouquet of flowers

If you are worried about how long these flowers will last, you shouldn’t be. I have had my beautiful bouquet of flowers for 6 days and they are still going strong with those vibrant pink colors. Below is a picture of the bouquet of flowers after the 6th day.

bouquet of flowers
I am thrilled with my roses from The Bouqs. When I think of images of flowers these roses are exactly what come to my mind. To look through the selection of beautiful flowers and order your own bouquet of flowers I recommend you check out The Bouqs Co. online!

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