August is Device Theft Awareness Month #AbsoluteUncovered

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. However all opinions expressed are my own.

Did you know that last year there were over 3.1 Million smartphones stolen in the U.S. alone! I was absolute floored when I heard this staggering number, but honestly it doesn’t surprise me. I am willing to bet that if you were in a group with your friends there would be at least one person that has had their smartphone or tablet stolen. Sometimes it can be hard to visualize the severity of the mobile theft epidemic. The numbers and percentages can be startling, but hard to grasp.

To help bring awareness to this growing epidemic Absolute LoJack Uncovered is declaring August Device Theft Awareness month. Because I know what an extremely important topic this is, I am teaming up with Absolute LoJack this month to share crime prevention information and stories to hopefully help this number go down dramatically in 2014!


When you lose your smartphone, laptop or even tablet you aren’t just losing your device you are potential opening up your most private information to criminals. Think about the banking information, passwords and even private pictures that you have on your device. If it’s stolen all of these things are too and if put in the wrong hands it could cause your world to be turned upside down.

There are a few things that you can easily do to protect yourself. For instance set up a good back-up system to automatically run your back-ups every night, set a PIN (yes it’s a pain but a lifesaver if in the wrong hands), and install Absolute LoJack to remotely delete data on stolen devices and help you track it down if it is stolen! With these small steps your your identity and data is protected and your device┬ástays in the right hands, where it belongs.

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  1. shaunie says

    Would have to say that this article is very true about phones, would hope that the numbers would go down.

  2. Cynthia R says

    I’m always scared I’m going to lose or have my phone stolen, it’s not like the old cheapo flip phones. next to a car payment, and mortgages, your phone with it’s plan is many times the most expensive thing you own, thieves are not concentrating on jewelry anymore, it’s about electronics and phones.

  3. says

    I never really think about my phone being stolen. Lost yes, but not stolen. Good tips, but that LoJack sounds like a good idea!

  4. says

    My biggest fear is being separate from my phone. With all the apps and personal information, it is probably THE most important item I carry around. Thanks for the tips!

  5. says

    Wow! That is crazy that so many phones get stolen. How sad. I didn’t have a pass code on mine for a long time but finally put one on and am glad that I did. My son has a passcode on his ipod and I’m sure it saved it from being stolen when he left it on a table at an amusement park. We found it in lost and found instead!

  6. says

    I’ve misplaced my phone before- which really scared me, considering all the information that people put on their phones these days. I’m not surprised they get stolen so often. Smartphones are expensive. It is a shame though.

  7. says

    You are so right about the dangers of losing or worse having your electronic device stolen… How I wish we’d had the LoJack protection on my daughter’s laptop… more than anything she cries about all the photos she’ll never be able to enjoy… her laptop was stolen before she had a chance to back them up… I always worry about personal info that can be stolen and misused. Thanks for helping raise awareness about the real dangers of lost or stolen electronics.

  8. says

    I’m surprised at how many phones are stolen. If mine’s not in my hand, it’s in my front pocket when out in public. You can guarantee I’m not letting anyone into my front pocket!

  9. says

    My husband put his phone down at work & went back for it minutes later to find that one of his coworkers walked off with it. Such a bummer! We are much more cautious now.

  10. says

    I have the Find My iPhone installed and activated on my iPhone and iPad, but I know I should be doing so much more. I had the password set for a while, but it got annoying having to type it in every time I wanted to look at my phone. Better safe than sorry though!

  11. says

    I do a couple of these things but had never heard of this service. I will definitely look into it though, I have so many phone numbers in my phone that I haven’t memorized, I’d be lost without it.

  12. says

    I am always paranoid about my phone getting lost or stolen. I have a pin set and have the phone locator app set up on my phone just in case.

  13. says

    So many people “live” on their smartphones- using them for banking, business, fun, etc- that losing it or having it stolen can be scary! You’re so right, taking a few security measures, however annoying they can be, is worth it to protect yourself!

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