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4 Tips on being Frugal in August-Guest Post

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4 Tips on being Frugal in August

To a lot of people the term ‘frugal’ means living on £20 a week and shopping in charity shops. This isn’t the only meaning though. Being frugal can also mean using things like credit cards and the various cost-free options that come with them to save money over the summer months. So how exactly can you be frugal with the help of a credit card?

1. Make use of your credit card deals

A lot of credit card offers are ignored simply because they don’t concern you at the time they come through. For example, you might get an offer through that saves you 10% when you purchase something with your credit card from a specific website during the month of August. This type of offer is always worth looking at because even if you don’t need anything from the site now, you can still look for potential Christmas gifts and make a 10% saving.

2. Take advantage of any rewards on offer

The more you use a rewards credit card the more you can earn back free. This might be in the form of cash-back, airmiles or points that can be converted to discounts. Providing you pay off your credit card balance at the end of each month you won’t be charged interest for using the card either.

3. Use your balance transfer offers

If your credit card provider is willing to let you transfer a balance to your card and pay absolutely no interest for a fixed period of time why wouldn’t you take them up on the offer? You can clear store cards and other credit card balances in a much shorter time period by simply transferring them over. It might be worth looking at 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card offers online as many credit card providers will provide such an offer to encourage customers to use their credit cards.

4. Use coupons

Okay so this doesn’t have anything to do with credit cards but coupons are still a great way to add to your overall frugality! Cut coupons out of free magazines that you pick up in supermarkets etc. and use them to save money when doing your summer shopping.

So as you can see frugality and credit cards can go hand in hand – all you need is a little knowledge and the right type of credit card.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored Post.


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